Introduction of speeches by students from three countries newly admitted to Japan in 2024

Pathways Japan admitted a total of 22 new students from Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine in Japan this year.
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All of the students came to Japan with high aspirations to contribute to Japanese society and their home countries by developing their own abilities through education, despite the lack of hope in their home countries or in the countries they fled as refugees due to civil wars, conflicts, and oppression. We would like to introduce the speeches given by the six representatives at the welcome event so that you can learn more about the students’ aspirations.

Marwa, from Syria

Today, I stand before you to share my journey as a Syrian living in Turkey and my determination to continue my studies in Japan.

In Syria, I enjoyed a rich culture and close family bonds. Conflict forced us to flee to Turkey for safety. Adapting was tough, but we found hope amid uncertainty.  In Turkey, I underwent growth and adaptation, fueled by a thirst for knowledge. It was then that I learned about Japan, famous for its innovation and heritage. Choosing Japan wasn’t just about academics; it symbolized personal growth. Japan’s excellence and vibrant culture captivated me, igniting my desire to master its language and traditions.

In Syria, I enjoyed life with my family, bound by a rich culture and close bonds. Due to conflict, we were forced to seek safety in Turkey. Adaptation was challenging, but even amidst uncertainty, I found hope. In Turkey, driven by a thirst for knowledge, I experienced growth and adaptation. It was then that I learned about Japan, known for its innovation and tradition. Choosing Japan was not only for academic reasons but also symbolized personal growth. I was captivated by Japan’s excellence and vibrant culture, sparking a strong desire to learn its language and traditions.

In Japan, I aim not only to complete higher education but also to promote diversity and understanding. Through education and language skills, I aspire to drive positive change. Moving forward, I wish to continue my journey with perseverance and determination towards a bright future, striving towards my goals and carving out my destiny.

Thank you very much.

Hisham, from Syria

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying this fine evening. My name is Hisham. I am Syrian and I am 19 years old, striving to become a physicist. Japan is a country that safe technologically advanced and beautiful and Japanese people are respectful and kind. But that not the only reason I chose japan. I chose it because it is a country that values hardwork and knowledge. I gave away Syria because of the war a war that took a so much from us and then moved to Turkey where I lived. I perused safety and stability in life things like good education were difficult to attain, a lack of opportunities took place, and sense of unease a feeling of being unwelcomed. I was limited by so many factors. My potential was suppressed. And thanks to the kind people of japan pathways, I am now in a country where the only limit is myself. And for that, I am grateful from the depths of my heart which is why i would like to take this very moment to emphasize the importance of this opportunity to my fellow friends: realize the advantage that you are in and be grateful for it,  use the power of that gratitude to overcome obstacles, forge meaningful connections, and create everlasting memories, take hope as your motivation, and work hard so that you become a you that you can be proud of, brace yourselves for the real. Adventure starts now.

*He made a speech in Japanese on the day.

Raseesa from Afghanistan

First of all I must say that we really liked to deliver our speech in Japanese, but unfortunately our Japanese level has not improved to that level yet. But we will try our best to master Japanese and speak after these Inshallah. Anyway, we must confess that we are very happy and so proud today to be here among you and see you in person. 

Anyway, the purpose of this speech today is to say why we are here and how. 

As you might be aware of the situation of Afghanistan which has become really bad since the Taliban took over Kabul about 2 years ago. And it has been getting tougher every day, especially for women. The Taliban have put many and many restrictions for people especially on women. They banned women from education, from working and even from going out alone and from traveling. Why ? Because they are such an anti women and terrorist group.

After coming the Taliban we struggled with many problems because of limitations that the Taliban put on us that changed our daily normal lives. We lost our human rights there in our country Afghanistan. We lost our speech freedom, religious freedom, excursion freedom and you can count. Ethnic and religious discrimination had reached its peak. As the Hazara people were more harmed and sacrificed than other ethnic groups.  This tribe lost many of its young and educated persons due to Taliban suicides and explosions.

Therefore, we were seeking for opportunities to leave that situation and evacuate from Afghanistan. JALP program was a great opportunity for us to leave Afghanistan and start a new life.

Japan is one of the first world societies in the world, so it can provide many economic and educational opportunities for us to make a favorable life here. Japan Is the Third largest economy in the world, besides it is one of the safest countries of the globe and has many other attractions of lifestyle. Like a favorable environment and high level of lifestyle.

All these attractions and reasons made us to choose Japan to come here and  to make a new start for us by continuing our educations either entering to schools or universities and by working here to save money until to make a happy life for us. 

Fayiza, from Afghanistan

I want to start off this time by giving appreciation to the Pathways Japan that has played the role in shaping our lives and supported us through our heartbreaks and success. I have to thank PJ for being the way it is also to the staff members who worked tirelessly by making sure all the important things properly.

Today I am going to talk about the place that called heart of Asia, the place with rich culture and kind people, the place that gathered various nations with different traditions, The place where hope emerges from darkness and difficulties.. Afghan people aren’t rich but generous and intelligent I hope one day will be peaceful insha’Allah.

When I was a child I have heard about Taliban’s violations but still hadn’t seen none of them. Unfortunately in 2021 the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan and I remember the day they arrived in Kabul, People were so scared including me. Day by day living under the Taliban government became tougher and they had brought numerous human rights violations.

Poverty, violence, murder, kidnapping……have been increased. I remember the day that Taliban kidnapped girls from the street and I never can’t forget the moment. We were not permitted to go out alone. 

People say, where there’s a hope there’s a Life and we find hope from disappointment, we learn how to success when we lose…..

It simply isn’t enough to just wish for something to happen, hope allows you to keep going down different roads and achieve whatever you want in Life.

Choosing Pathways Japan is one of the best happenings in my life that encouraged me to shape hope and stand again. So I decided to chose this country not only because it is developed and has a great education system but also I really love the unique culture and traditions of Japanese people that I want to be accustomed to. 

Darina, from Ukraine

My name is Daryna. I come from Zhytomyr, Ukraine. I was shocked when the war started in my country. I was scared. First of all, I woke up in the morning and heard my parents talking about something. Then my mother came into the room and said that the war had started. My brother meanwhile studied at a university in a town called Soumy. Soumy is about 50 km from the Russian border. My brother escaped from there immediately by car. He also saw the smoke from the explosion. He came to Zhitomir the next day and then went with me to Zakarpatscha Oblast. Zakarpatsya Oblast is the furthest part of Ukraine from Russia. I lived there for about two years. In the meantime, we also tried to live in Lviv, but we heard the explosion there and my father returned to Zakarpatscha Oblast one day because it was closer to the explosion site. All my university studies were online. And because of the Russian attack last winter, there was not much electricity. It was cold.

I wanted to come to Japan because I have loved Japanese culture since I was a child. I started to like Japanese animation and music when I was about 10 years old, and the more I watched videos about life in Japan by people living in Japan, the more I liked them. I want to study in Japan from now on.

After graduating from Japanese language school, I would like to enter a vocational school in Japan. Then I want to find a job and live here. I also want to go to various places in Japan. I would also like to travel to other countries. I hope to find good friends here.

* She made a speech in Japanese on the day.

Siuzanne, from Ukraine

Since the beginning of the russian occupation every Ukrainian suffered miserably in their own way – some mentally, some physically, some financially, some all at once.

Personally, I became more scaredy and wary of sudden noises, my anxiety peaked, my mental health in general became weaker. For some time I had no energy to study – and that I consider the biggest and worst impact on me as a person. Fortunately, I managed to balance the life as a citizen of a war torn country, and the life as a student trying to achieve something bigger. It didn’t get easier, but it’s more bearable now. 

I consider this wonderful possibility a logical outcome of my studies in Ukraine. I hope to learn even more, to acquaint myself to Japanese culture, traditions, people and language. I want a better future for myself, so I can help those I love, and I believe studying and living in Japan will give me that opportunity. 

My goal in Japan is to sharpen my Japanese skills and to broaden my worldview and understanding of things. I want to achieve new highs and learn something new everyday. I also hope to continue my studies in Japan in some other field while working. 

The biggest goal of my life ever since I remember myself was to study, learn and  accumulate knowledge so I can help those around me, and it didn’t change since then.

* She made a speech in Japanese on the day.

For the next two years, the students will study Japanese at universities and Japanese language schools in Miyagi, Chiba, Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama, Okinawa, and will broaden their contact with Japanese society through part-time work and other opportunities. They will improve their Japanese language skills and develop themselves through various experiences and advance to higher education or to find employment.

Pathways Japan will work with students to help them find and realize their career goals in Japan while overcoming various difficulties.