About Pathways Japan-EN

About Pathways Japan


Pathways Japan aims to create a world where anyone is provided with an opportunity to create their own future.



To admit refugees from all over the world and empower them to be a member of the Japanese society with their own initiative.

Higher Education

To create and offer higher education opportunities in Japan to people with refugee experience, utilizing out our variety of partners.

Social change

To create social environment and systems that can admit people with refugee background to entire sectors of society in Japan and Asia.


At the end of 2020, the number of refugees and displaced persons worldwide reached 82.4 million. While some people need assistance during the emergency phase, many are willing to create their future without relying on the so-colled “support.” 

Pathways Japan started its activities in July 2021 with the aim to open new pathways for refugees through education, taking over the “Programme for admission of Syrian Refugee Students” from Japan Association for Refugees in its sixth year of implementation.

We have seen, through the five years of their admission, how tough it can be for each admitted student can be. We want to give an opportunity, to open her/his own future in a new land, here in Japan. As an international student, learning the language, culture, and customs of a new country in a short period of time is anything but easy. However, students have overcome insurmountable challenges step by step with their strength, which enabled them to cross borders and make their own paths. Sympathizing with their struggles, connecting them with people who are eager to welcome and support them. Our community have spread across Japan, from Tohoku to Okinawa. 

Our name, “Pathways Japan (PJ),” comes from our passion to make it a path to Japan and a path to the future for the younger generation who have gone through refugee experiences. We sincerely hope to realize our passion and involve a much greater circle of people who are willing to offer their support and believe in people reaching out for an opportunity. 
Representative Director
ORII Norimasa

Introduction of Director

ORII Norimasa (Representative director, Pathways Japan)
Born in 1968. After working for a company, he started working for an NGO in 2002, providing humanitarian assistance during humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Syria and Myanmar, and natural disasters in Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar and Haiti, etc. Since 2016, he has been working for the Japan Association for Refugees(JAR)  as a manager for refugee admission project. In July 2021, he was involved in the establishment of Pathways Japan after the project was transferred from the JAR , and became its representative director. He holds a Master’s degree in International Politics.

Activity Report

FY2022 Activity Report (in Japanese)


Network membership

Global Task Force on Third Country Education Pathways
Forum for Refugees Japan (FRJ)
J-FUN(Japan Council of UNHCR-NGOs)
Actions for Afghans (AFA)
Japan Education Pathways Network (JEPN)

Disclosure of information

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About us

OrganizationPathways Japan PJ
Establishment7th July 2021
Main OfficeThe Office Kanda 501, 1-8-3 Kanda Ogawa-machi,  Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
CouncilorsFUJITA Naosuke (Lawyer)
KONO Satoko (Representative, ARUN)
OKUNO Yukiko (Professor Tokyo Metropolitan University)
DirectorsORII Norimasa (Representative director, Pathways Japan)
IUCHI Setsuo (Board member of an association)
ISHII Hiroaki (Board director, Japan Association for refugees)
SUZUKI Mayo (Co Founder, Social Connection for Human Rights)
TSUDA Izumi (Board member of Refugee Entrepreneurship Support Fund)
HASEBE Mika (Associate professor at Meiji Gakuin University)
AuditorsNEMOTO Takeshi (Lawyer)
EBISUI Shigeki (Certified public accountant)