Cooperate and participate

Cooperate and participate

I Educational institutions

The harsh experiences that each of these students with refugee experiences have gone through, their sincere attitude towards continuing their efforts, and their cultural and social backgrounds, which are different from those in Japan, have brought about many positive changes in their education at universities and various schools, such as a positive attitude and diversity.

Universities, vocational schools and Japanese language schools wishing to accept these international students can cooperate with PJ to promote their enrolment in their respective universities and schools by providing the following cooperation.

・Full or partial waiver of tuition fees, etc.
・Providing dormitories and housing facilities.
・Scholarships and recommendation quotas for students with refugee experience.

If you are a university, vocational school or Japanese language school interested in accepting refugees, please contact us using the form below.

I Companies and organisations

Refugee students need connections with Japanese society in a variety of ways, such as to start up their lives, learn Japanese, participate in the local community, build social networks, housing, part-time jobs, internships and employment.

・Financial support for acceptance and independence in Japan.
・Cooperation with Japanese conversation practice and EJU preparation (science and math subjects, etc.).
・Providing housing such as dormitories, company housing, etc.
・Sharing and exchange of experiences at universities, schools, organisations, etc.
・Participation in local events and activities.
・Introduction of opportunities for part-time work.
・Introduction of internship opportunities
・Providing training opportunities

If your organisation is interested in cooperation, exchange or employment, please contact us using the form below.

I Media.

PJ wants to change society’s understanding of refugees by informing the public that people who have gone through the refugee experience have taken the opportunity to become active members of Japanese society, contributing to educational opportunities, workplaces and local communities.

If you are a member of the media wishing to interview people or scholars accepted from outside the country as PJs, please contact us using the form below.