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Pathways Japan and its partner institutions will coordinate with universities and language schools in Japan to admit and support Ukrainian students and their families who have fled their homes as a direct consequence of the Russian invasion.
Please read the description of the programs below and apply.


Partner Institutions

Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF)


Japan Ukraine Friendship Association KRAIANY


*This program is implemented based on the donations by a large number of corporate companies including those in our corporate donation site, individuals and donors in our crowd-funding.
*In the admission to some universities, we received travel expense support from Nippon Foundation and a number of students also receive life-expense support.

Host Institutions (As of June 7, 2022)

■ Universities (alphabetical order)
Bunkyo Gakuin University (Tokyo)
Daito Bunka University (Saitama)
Ferris University (Kanagawa)
International Christian University (Tokyo)
Kansai Gaigo University (Osaka)
Kansai University (Osaka)
Kansai University of International Studies (Hyogo)
Keio University (Tokyo)
Meiji University (Tokyo)
Musashino University (Tokyo)
Rikkyo University (Tokyo)
Ryukoku University (Kyoto)
Soka University (Tokyo)
Sophia University (Tokyo)
Temple University, Japan Campus (Tokyo)
Tokiwa University (Ibaraki)
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (Tokyo)
Waseda University (Tokyo)

■ Japanese Language Schools
Sendai International School of Japanese (Miyagi)
Japan International Institute of Cybernetics (Chiba)
Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School (Kyoto)
International Center of Language & Culture Institute of Japanese Language (ICLC) (Okinawa)
Member schools of “Japanese Supports for Ukrainian Students (JSUS)” as below
Meros Language School (Tokyo)
KAI Japanese Language School (Tokyo)
Nihongo Center -Japanese Language School (Kyoto)
Seifu Institute of Information Technology (Osaka)
Communica Institute (Hyogo)
Kobe Sumiyoshi International Japanese

LanguageSchool (Hyogo)
Coto College (Kumamoto)