Pathways Japan participated in Asia-Pacific Region Complementary Education Pathways Community of Practice Meeting

“Educational Pathways” (admitting refugees through education) that Pathways Japan is working on is being promoted globally, as the number of refugees and displaced persons has reached a record high. Following the  last meeting of the Global Task Force (GTF) Community of Practice (CoP), “held in Tokyo last May, a regional meeting was held in Manila, Philippines in February 2024 with the aim of sharing country experiences and promoting Education Pathways in the Asia-Pacific region. Pathways Japan, as a member of the Global Task Force, was engaged in organizing the meeting together with the Canadian Embassy to the Philippines, the Refugee Education Special Interest Group in Australia, De la Salle Philippines, and Japan ICU Foundation

The two-day session brought together 40 participants from Australia, Bangladesh, Korea, and the Philippines, including practitioners and UNHCR and NGO officials. At the meeting, case studies and issues from each country were shared, and Pathways Japan also shared the activities of the Japan Education Pathways Network, in which 24 universities and foundations in Japan are participating, job hunting support programs and employment results, and lessons learned on issues expected to be faced in each country in the future.

A report (PDF) on this meeting is available on the website.[…]897694122/Report_AsiaPacific+Education+Pathways_Feb24.pdf

Global Task Force Website:

Pathways Japan will continue to work toward the expansion of “Educational Pathways” in Japan and promote it in the Asia-Pacific region by sharing the experience in Japan with universities and support organizations in Japan and abroad.