Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (2024)

Address: 2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Photo provided by Tokyo Woman’s Christian University


東京女子大学は、キリスト教精神に基づいたリベラル・アーツ教育を行っています。 それは、専門分野の修得と同時に、多様な分野の授業科目を学ぶことにより、自由な心と幅広い視野を育む教育です。


Ever since Tokyo Woman’s Christian University was founded in 1918, its goals have been to provide a liberal arts education for women, promote internationalism and advance Christian principles. In the early 20th century, when sexism greatly limited Japanese women’s opportunities, the university played a significant role in making higher education available to women. Today, as women are taking on more and more responsibilities in society, our traditions are continuously being strengthened and reshaped to meet the needs of the modern world. We have a nationwide reputation for academic quality and for Christian leadership.
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University welcomes students not only from Japan but from other countries as well. Even though most courses are taught in Japanese, classes are small, and many faculty and students are able to speak other languages. Overseas students can soon become acclimated to the intellectual life of the university. We believe that students from different backgrounds and with different attitudes invigorate life on campus and enrich the experience of the whole university community. We therefore are happy to open our doors to intellectually curious women from all over the world.

条件 / Conditions

Number of students to be admitted 

Status of admitted students

Students may be admitted as either non-degree-seeking students or degree-seeking students.
To become a degree-seeking student, the student must take and pass the university’s regular admissions exam separately. Details about the admissions process can be found here.
Eligible students
– 日本国内の日本語学校に在籍中の者
– 女性のみ

– Those attending Japanese language schools in Japan
– Women only
Eligible students’ current residence
Japan only
Language of instruction

Japanese language requirement
JLPT N3相当以上

<Non-degree-seeking students>
JLPT N3 equivalent and above
<Degree-seeking students>
Must have taken EJU in June 2023 or plan to take it in November 2023. Depending on the major of your choice, you may need to have taken an English proficiency test in or after January 2022. Please check the requirements for each major here.
住居 / Accommodation寮を無料で提供
Dormitory provided at no cost
生活費 / Stipendあり(月70,000円)
Provided (70,000 JPY/month)
その他の情報 / Other information女性のみ受け入れます。(本人のみ寮に入ることができます。) 日本での生活に必要なサポート(生活相談、メンタルケアなど)をします。


Women only. Only students may enter the dormitory. Support such as mental health care and general advising will be provided.
Here is a campus tour video created by a communications major student:

Here is a message from TWCU students. The video was created by a  graduate student majoring in Japanese language education.

If you have questions about the university, please inquire with the university directly.