Soka University

Address: 1-2361 Tangimachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo

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Since its opening in 1971, SOKA University adopted the objective of becoming a university that fosters creative individuals, based on its founding principles: “Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education”; “Be the cradle of a new culture”; “Be a fortress for the peace of humankind”. Currently, SOKA University has academic agreements with 242 universities in 66 countries/regions, and been a diverse campus. In addition, SOKA University’s engagements are highly recognized. In the “Top Global University Project” sponsored by the Ministry of Education that supports the global development of Japanese universities, SOKA University obtained the highest appraisal of “S” (out of the five appraisal levels, S to D) for two years consecutively, in 2017 and 2020 interim evaluations. Based on the founding principles, SOKA University fosters global citizens capable of contributing to the happiness of others and world peace, thus allowing each student to discover their potential.

条件 / Conditions

Number of scholarships offered
Programs offered
・Short-term (preparatory) program
・Long-term (degree) program
*Students must apply through the regular admissions process to be admitted to the long-term (degree) program.
Title of short-term program
別科特別履修課程(Non-Degree Program)
Description of the short-term program
入学予定時期: 9 月
在籍予定期間:1 学期間または 2 学期間
The Undergraduate Non-Degree Program accepts international students who intend to take specialized courses and general education courses offered in Japanese or English at SOKA University.
Entrance: April or September
Duration: 1 or 2 semesters
Eligible students
Undergraduate students
Language of instruction
Japanese & English
専攻 / Majors offered4月入学
【English Medium Programs】国際教養学部
【English Medium Programs】経済学部、経営学部、法学部、文学部
【English Medium Programs 2年次編入】 経済学部、文学部
【English Medium Programs 3年次編入】経済学部、法学部、文学部
April entry
【English Medium Programs】 International Liberal Arts
September entry
【English Medium Programs】 Economics, Business Administration, Law, Letters
【English Medium Programs Transfer (As 2nd year student)】 Economics, Letters
【English Medium Programs Transfer (As 3rd year student)】Economics, Law, Letters
【Undergraduate Admissions Policy Type-Ⅰ, Ⅱ・Transfer Admissions】Economics, Business Administration, Law, Letters, Education (Education, Primary Education), Science and Engineering (Information Systems Engineering, Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation)
Japanese language requirement
N3 level of Japanese language proficiency
住居 / Accommodation寮を無料で提供
Dormitory provided at no cost
生活費 / Stipendあり(月80,000円)(他の支援団体から相応の生活費支援を受けている場合には、その期間の生活費は支給されません。)
Provided (80,000 JPY/month) (If a student receives stipend from other support organizations, the stipend will not be provided during that period.)
その他の情報 / Other information応募に際しては、JLPT N3相当以上の日本語能力を証明すること。また、TOEIC、TOEFL、IELTSもしくは統一試験での「英語」の成績など、英語能力を証明する書類を提出すること。
To apply, you must either have proof of JLPT level N3+ Japanese language ability and proof of English proficiency such as TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS score.

If you have questions about the university, please inquire with the university directly.