Kansai University of International Studies

Address: 3-1 Suwayamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

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●6学部7学科19専攻の多彩な学びで世界に通用する人材を育む大学です 関西国際大学は、拡大するグローバル化、パンデミック、不安定な国際情勢など 予測不可能な時代の中で、あきらめず自分らしく生きる力を身につけるための学 びを展開しています。グローバルコミュニケーション学科、観光学科、社会学 科、心理学科、教育福祉学科、経営学科、看護学科の7つの学科から構成され、 それぞれの領域の基礎、専門、応用分野を学ぶことができます。
●国際都市神戸にメインキャンパスがあります 日本の地理的な中心に位置する兵庫県内に3つのキャンパス(神戸山手、尼崎、 三木)を有します。メインキャンパスである神戸山手キャンパスは兵庫県の県庁 所在地、神戸市にあります。1868年に日本初の国際貿易港のひとつとして神戸港 が世界に開かれて以来、神戸市は国際的な港町として栄え、現在は、世界130カ 国以上、約150万人が暮らす国際色豊かな街です。


●A university that nurtures world-class human resources through diverse studies in 6 faculties, 7 departments, and 19 majors
Kansai University of International Studies (KUISs) is developing studies to help students acquire the ability to live their own lives without giving up in the midst of unpredictable times such as expanding globalization, pandemics, and unstable international situations. The university consists of seven departments: English Communication, Tourism, Sociology, Psychology, Child Education and Social Welfare, Business Administration, and Nursing. Students can study basic, specialized, and applied fields in each area.
●The main campus is located in the international city, Kobe
The University has three campuses (Kobe Yamate, Amagasaki, and Miki) in Hyogo Prefecture, which is located in the geographical center of Japan. The main campus, Kobe Yamate Campus, is located in Kobe City, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture. Kobe has flourished as an international port city since the Port of Kobe opened to the world in 1868 as one of the first international trading ports in Japan, and is now home to approximately 1.5 million people from over 130 countries around the world.

条件 / Conditions

Number of scholarships offered
Programs offered

・Short-term (preparatory) program
・Long-term (degree-seeking) program
*Students must apply through the regular admissions process to be admitted to the long-term (degree-seeking) program.
Title of short-term program
Description of the short-term program
日本語 基礎科目 修得時の単位は入学後に算入可
Eligible students
Undergraduate students (Recent graduates may also apply)
Language of instruction
Japanese and English
専攻 / Majors offered国際コミュニケーション学部
School of International Communication
Japanese language requirement
・学部生:JLPT N2程度
・Short-term preparatory program (non-degree student): Based on the courses to be taken
・Long-term (degree-seeking) program undergraduate student: JLPT N2 level
住居 / Accommodation寮または学外の住居を有料で提供
Dormitory or off-campus housing for a fee
生活費 / Stipendなし
Not provided
その他の情報 / Other information

If you have questions about the university, please inquire with the university directly.