Kansai University

Address: 3-3-35 Yamatecho, Suita-shi, Osaka

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 2022 年に創立136 年を迎える関西大学は、13 の学部と13 の大学院研究科、2つの専門職大学院をもつ日本屈指の私立大学で、1,200 人以上の留学生を含む約30,000 人の学生が学んでいます。
 関西大学のキャンパスは6 つあり、いずれも大阪に位置しています。大阪は西日本最大の都市であり、昔からさまざまな文化の情報発信地としても有名です。また、京都、奈良、神戸まで約1 時間で行くことができ、関西大学に留学しながら日本のさまざまな歴史や文化に触れられる地でもあります。


In 2022, Kansai University celebrates the 136th anniversary of its founding as one of the leading universities in Japan. Kansai University is a comprehensive private university with 13 undergraduate programs, 13 graduate programs, and 2 professional graduate schools. There are approximately 30,000 students enrolled at the university including more than 1,200 international students.
All 6 campuses of Kansai University are located in Osaka, the largest city in Western Japan. Osaka is well-known throughout history as a metropolis, at the forefront in disseminating cultural information. Other important cities such as Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe are all located within an hour’s train ride, giving Kansai University’s international students many opportunities to explore Japanese history and culture.

条件 / Conditions

Number of scholarships offered
Programs offered
・Short-term (preparatory) program
Status of accepted students
Student Status : Special auditing students (non-regular students)
Description of the short-term program
日本語 Japanese
We are planning to accept students as special auditing students (non-regular students) for one semester or two semesters starting from spring 2023. Please use the following links for details.
英語 English
Eligible students
学部生及び大学院生 (既卒者不可)
Undergraduate and graduate students (Students who have already graduated are ineligible.)
Language of instruction
Japanese and English
専攻 / Majors offered
Language requirements
日本語能力N2以上または英語能力CEFR B1以上のいずれかと同等以上の能力があると認められる者
JLPT level N2 and above OR English level CEFR B1 and above
住居 / Accommodation寮または学外の住居を有料で提供(月50,000円までの支援金あり)
Dormitory or off-campus housing for a fee (subsidy up to 50,000 JPY/month provided)
生活費 / Stipendあり(月80,000円)
Provided (80,000 JPY/month)
その他の情報 / Other information〇ウクライナの大学または大学院に所属する者(単身者)のみ受入可能です。
〇「日本語能力に関する要件」について:言語能力に関する要件は、日本語能力N2以上または英語能力CEFR B1以上のいずれかと同等以上の能力があると認められる者とします。

○Eligibility: A single person who is enrolled in university/graduate school in Ukraine.
○Teaching language: Depends on the course
○Language proficiency: Students who have a language proficiency equal to Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 or higher for Japanese proficiency, and/or CEFR B1 or higher for English proficiency.
○Accommodation: We offer up to 50,000 yen per month as housing support.
○If students pass the regular entrance exam, they may be admitted as degree-seeking students. Please note that funding support is only available for the short-term program.

If you have questions about the university, please inquire with the university directly.