***** Application is closed for 2024 *****

Application is open from Monday, 7th August to Monday, 28th August, 2023.
If you are interested in applying, please read this web page carefully and apply here

What is Japan-Ukraine Japanese Language School Pathways (JULP)?

Japan Ukraine Language School Pathways (JULP) is a program for admitting students who have fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to language schools in Japan. In 2022, 47 Ukrainian students and their family members were admitted to Japan through this program with the support from private language schools, supporting companies, NGOs, individuals and local communities. Selected students study tuition-free in the two-year program, which is considered the minimum required to reach a level of Japanese necessary to enter university or find employment in Japan.

In April 2024, around 6 Ukrainian students will be admitted to this program. (There will be additional recruitment of Ukrainian students in Japan-Ukraine University Pathways in Oct.)

Program Overview

Accepted students will be placed in one of the Japanese language schools across Japan.
The program will provide the following:
Japanese language classes prior to travel to Japan
・Airfare to Japan
・Support for visa issuance and residence permit
・Tuition at a Japanese language school for two years
・Subsidy for the first six months
・Introduction of part-time job opportunities and housing
・Educational consultation and/or career consultation every three months to enter university or find employment

*Please note that students are expected to work part-time to cover their rent and living expenses. Pathways Japan and language schools will help you find part-time work.
*After completion of the program, students are expected to apply to universities/graduate schools or find employment.

We will organize online Info Sessions on the date below

20th Aug Sun 11:00 AM (Ukrainian time)
If you are interested in taking part, please register here.


  • Must be Ukrainian nationals
  • Must reside in Ukraine and seek evacuation to Japan or fled to other countries after 24th February 2022 (Those already in Japan are not eligible to apply and encouraged to apply for other programs such as one offered by Nippon Foundation).
  • Must be single or partners without accompanying families
  • Must have completed the secondary education (equivalent of high school education in Japan) or be expected to complete the secondary education by March 2024
  • If you are a high school graduate, you must be 26 years old or younger; if you are a university graduate, you must be 33 years old or younger.
  • Must have studied/be studying Japanese
  • Must agree to work part-time at an entry-level job to cover your own living expenses
  • Must not have a financial obligation to support family members (Students should expect part-time work to cover only their own living expenses, and not to support their families.)
  • Must be able to submit the following documents:
    a) Document describing your refugee background (e.g. letter explaining the difficulty of staying in or returning to your home country, issued by an NGO or an expert. If this cannot be obtained, the candidate can write his/her own statement.)
    b) Passport copy (If you do not currently have a passport, you may apply without one, but you must obtain one by February 2024)
    c) High school graduate certificate or equivalent document
    d) High school transcript for grades 10-12 or equivalent document
    e) (If you are a university student or graduate) University certificate and transcript for registered terms
    f) Recommendation letter (*This letter should not be written by family members, relatives or friends.)

Application Timeline

7th August (Monday) to 28th August (Monday) 2023Application Period
20th August (Sunday) 2023
11:00am-12:30pm (Ukrainian time)
Online Info Session
14th August- 6th September 2023
22nd September
Announcement of first document screening results
10/1(Sun), 7(Sat), 8(Sun) 1:00-2:00pm (Ukraine time)Preliminary Japanese lessons for interviewees
Between 29th September and 12th October 2023Interview (online) by Pathways Japan (second screening)
20th October 2023 Announcement of second screening results
23rd October – 3rd November 2023 Interview (online) by Japanese language schools (third screening)
Early November 2023Announcement of final results

Steps After Selection

November 2023Application for residence status
December 2023 – March 2024Preparatory Japanese online classes
End of March 2024Travel to Japan
Second week of April 2024School starts

How to Apply

Please fill in the Application Form below. (For those who will pass the first interview will be requested to submit additional documents for application.)

Application Period: 7th Aug Mon-28th Aug Mon 2023

If you have any questions, please contact us here.