Preliminary Japanese classes begin in preparation for life in Japan

Pathways Japan also focuses on Japanese language study prior to coming to Japan in order for students to acquire the necessary level of Japanese language skills for higher education and employment during the two years of study at the school, and to be able to live independently in the future.

With students selected after the selection process from September to November, we are conducting Japanese language classes both online and in a camp format besides proceeding with the procedure for visa. For students from Syria, a 10-day Japanese language camp was held in January with a Syrian Japanese language teacher living in Turkey. After that, we will continue to offer online classes, aiming to improve their Japanese language skills before their arrival in Japan.

In addition, we regularly conduct online Japanese language classes for students from Afghanistan and Ukraine by experienced Japanese language teachers living in Japan.

As the students get closer to their arrival in Japan, we will hold a pre-arrival orientation to provide information on precautions to take when traveling to Japan, plans and preparations to make after arriving in Japan, culture shock to expect when arriving in Japan, Japanese language placement tests, and preparation for finding part-time jobs, so that the students are fully informed and prepared for life after arriving in Japan. Immediately upon their arrival in Japan, we will also conduct an intensive 3-day orientation to help them quickly establish a stable life in Japan and provide assistance with various procedures such as obtaining a residence certificate and bank account, finding an apartment, and finding a part-time job.