(Additional Recruitment) Call for applications for online Japanese course for Afghans

Call for applications for “Online Japanese Language Course for Afghans (Basic level)”

Call for Applications for the Online Japanese Language Course for Afghans (Basic level) will be open from Thursday 20th to Thursday 27th April 2023.

This course aims to support Afghan evacuees and former students residing in Japan who do not have other opportunities to learn Japanese language by a professional language teacher. Through the online lessons, the participants are expected to improve their Japanese language skill for opening up better career opportunities and building competencies in Japan.

Course outline:

Period: May 3rd week – July 1st week 
Lesson hours: Tuesday 7:00-9:00pm and Thursday 7:00-9:00pm

Lessen fee: No fee is required.
Type of class: Online class (Zoom)
Level: Basic level (for people already learned 30-50 hours), focusing on working environment
Number of participants: 6
Target: Afghan evacuees and former students residing in Japan
Deadline for submission: Thursday 27th April 
*The participants will be entitled to take an upper level course if they attend all the lessons and pass the exam.

Applicants have to be at basic level (30-50 hours of study) in Japanese (it is not a course for intermediate or advanced).
Applicants have to be older than 15 years old (negotiable for participation under 15 years).
Applicants should be able to attend every class and submit your homework every week. (A participant with a low attendance rate will not be entitled to move on to an upper level class.)

Participants should be willing to find employment (or build a further career) in Japan after completion of the course.

Motivation letter:
Please summarize your motivation for learning Japanese (including the reason and purpose of your study) and upload it to this form together with your CV. The letter should be no longer than 1 page in A4 size and in free format.

How to apply:
Click here to submit your application in our application form.

*Your application will be reviewed by our review committee to decide the course participants.
*The information filled in this form will be treated based on the guideline for the management of personal information of Pathways Japan.