Face-to-face meeting of the Japan Education Pathways Network (JEPN) held to discuss measures for admission of refugee and displaced students and support for job hunting.

Pathways Japan serves as the secretariat of the Japan Educational Pathways Network ( JEPN ), a network of educational institutions admitting refugee and displaced students, in cooperation with International Christian University, Soka University, Sophia University, and Japan ICU Foundation. JEPN promotes the enhancement and dissemination of educational pathways (admit through education) in Japan by sharing information on various systems and policies related to refugees and displaced persons, as well as sharing case studies and initiatives of each university.

Given that approximately two years have passed since each university admitted displaced students from Ukraine, a face-to-face meeting was held on March 8, 2024, with the theme of reviewing the past admission and providing job hunting support, which will be important in the future. In addition to faculty and staff from the 13 universities admitting students, the meeting was attended by Ukrainian students involved in the program and members of student organizations that have been involved in welcoming students. Opinions were shared from a variety of perspectives, and discussions were held on what kind of measures should be taken in the future.

For more information, please visit the JEPN website.