Call for Application for Japanese Language School Programme for Emergency Admission of Afghans (Emergency Additional Call for application)

Pathways Japan calls for an application for Japanese Language School Progamme for Emergency Admission of Afghans designed for those evacuees from the country and former students who face difficulty in their return.

On 20th Apr. PJ calls for additional application from Afghans inside of Afghanistan and in surrounding countries, as it has a few additional slots for admission.

   As it is an emergency recruitment, the whole entrance and tuition fee and travel expenses have to be covered by a sponsor. However, if you can apply and is admitted, you can get student visa and study Japanese systematically for a year or two to be prepared for entering university either at undergraduate and graduate level.

For those who are interested, please refer to the Programme Guidance and apply from the application form. The application due date is at 12:00pm 26th Apr 2022, Tue.

If you have any questions, please contact us though the Contact menu.

Programme Guidance 

Application form

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