Interview : Sam

Q. What brought you to Japan?

I first came to Japan about 10 years ago. At that time, I came to Japan as a university student and returned to my country after completing my PhD.After the Taliban returned, I found life in Afghanistan difficult and went to Iran. At that time, with the help of Pathways Japan, we were able to come to Japan. When I was in Iran and Afghanistan, I thought and thought about the future and was very worried. Now, I feel safe and secure. I am really happy.

Q. What is your daily life like?

I go to school every day now. I am studying Japanese. I also have a part-time job because I need money for living.

In class, I find kanji interesting. I practice new kanji characters every day. It is easier to remember kanji characters when I think about what it means to write it and understand why the kanji character is shaped the way it is. My favorite kanji character is “chikara” (power). Chikara means to do one’s best. When living in Japan, it is a problem if you cannot read kanji characters. I have learned a lot about the meaning of kanji characters through studying Japanese, but I would like to work even harder from now on.

My part-time job is working in a restaurant. I found information about the part-time job at school, contacted the company myself, set up an interview date, and was able to pass the interview. Naturally, the language in textbooks is different from everyday language. I have experienced misunderstandings because the language of the Kansai area is different from that of the Kanto area, but now I understand Japanese people’s conversation very well.

I have a family, so on my days off, I play outside with my family and see what Japanese society is like. Japan has beautiful nature. I like places with lots of greenery best, so when I have time, I enjoy going to the mountains or around rivers and spending time with my family.

Q. What is your dream for the future?

I plan to work after I graduate from Japanese language school. In Afghanistan, I specialize in veterinary medicine and I like it very much, so I hope to have a related job. Pathways Japan introduces me to a lot of companies.This is very important because when I finish school, I will have to find my own job.  I am researching various jobs on my own, but through Pathways Japan I can learn about good companies that are a good fit for me.

*Pathways Japan provides information and opportunities related to job hunting and employment to people with refugee experience who have been admitted from outside Japan so that they can realize their desired careers and lead independent lives in Japan*.
* In the video, the “Job Hunting Fair” is shown, where students participate in seminars and Japanese language courses related to job hunting and also meet with companies.

My dream is to first learn as much Japanese as possible. After that, I would like to live in Japan because it is a really convenient country. This is really my dream. It is not easy to live in Japan. You have to learn Japanese well and work hard every day like a Japanese person. Therefore, I am also studying Japanese hard, managing my time, and being punctual. I would like to raise my children in Japan as well.

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