Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship Application Results and Scholarship Report for FY2024

We received 46 applications for the Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship for FY2024, and after screening of documents and interviews by the selection committee, we have now selected 12 scholarship recipients. Please click here to see the details of the application results.

The scholars range from undergraduate students who began their undergraduate studies in April 2024 to graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs, and come from four different countries: Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Turkey. Newly recruited students are majoring in various fields, such as international studies, engineering, and sociology, but they have maintained their desire to learn even through the difficult experiences of civil war, conflict, and oppression in their home countries, and have successfully been accepted to universities and graduate schools after making efforts to learn Japanese, and engage in study and research. They are wonderful students with strong wills and high goals to contribute to Japanese society, their mother country, and the international community in their respective fields in the future.

Through the Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship, Pathways Japan will support their studies and livelihoods and raise awareness in public that young people who have gone through the difficult experience of becoming refugees have high potential to make rather significant contributions to society.