Event was held for companies and students to interact with each other

Pathways Japan supports international students with refugee backgrounds studying at Japanese language schools and universities in their job search to help them choose a career path and live independently after graduation. Following the event with MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. in August, an event for students and companies interested in hiring these students as interns and future employment was held, with 15 companies participated. The venue for the event was provided by Shiseido Company, Limited.

On the day, companies that already employ refugees and others to share their experience with participating companies. Also, 10 students from Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine participated in the event and talked about their own situations and career goals. In the second half of the session, the companies and students broke into groups and had time to talk with each other. Through this event , participating companies could know about the experiences of the students with refugee backgrounds, their skills including Japanese language ability, and their thoughts on finding employment in Japan, and increased their interest in providing internship and employment opportunities.