Japan University Pathways for Syrians

Application Period for Spring 2024 Admission: September 29- October 13, 2023
The link to the application at the bottom of this page will go live on September 29. Please read all of the information on this page before applying.

Japan University Pathways (JUP) is a program for admitting students impacted by the war in Syria to universities in Japan. JUP for Ukrainian students was launched in spring 2022, and 16 universities have recruited more than 60 Ukrainian students as of September 2023.

In spring 2024, Ryukoku University will admit two Syrian students who are currently residing in Turkey. Please review the information below before applying.

Program Overview

Ryukoku University will admit two Syrian students in April 2024 initially as non-degree-seeking students in the Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP). The JCLP is a one-year program in which students will study the Japanese language and culture intensively. Before the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to take the university’s entrance exam to become degree-seeking students (either undergraduate or graduate). If the students pass this exam and become degree-seeking students, this program will continue to support them for up to four years for an undergraduate program or two years for a graduate program until they obtain degrees. Please note that if students do not pass the entrance exam, they must find other opportunities.

Candidates must have at least a basic level of Japanese. Those who have never studied the Japanese language are ineligible.

Ryukoku University
Number of awards2
Student status when admittedNon-degree-seeking students

*Students will be admitted to the Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP) and will have a chance to take the entrance exam to become degree-seeking students (either undergraduate or graduate) at the end of this program. 
Duration of supportMaximum 5 years
– 1 year for the non-degree program. 
– If the students pass the entrance exam to become degree-seeking students, they will receive support for a maximum of 4 additional years (the minimum time required for graduation).
Current student locationTurkey
Who can apply?– Syrian nationals residing in Turkey
– Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in universities (including those taking a leave of absence or taking courses online from abroad)
– Those who have already graduated from universities
– Those who have dropped out of universities
– Those who have graduated from high school in their home countries in 2023 or will graduate from high school in their home countries by March 2024
– Must be 26 years old or younger
Language requirement<Japanese> 
JLPT N4 level for non-degree-seeking students
Note: Must have JLPT N2+ to become degree-seeking students
What the scholarship providesFull tuition, accommodation
*The university cannot provide a stipend. Students are expected to work part-time to support themselves.

How to Apply
① Check that you meet the eligibility requirements.
② Read the explanation of each university by clicking on the “Learn More” button. Please note that the content of support and available majors differ in each institution.
③ Click on “Apply Now” and create an account on Submittable.
④ Submit the online application form by 11:59 p.m. Japan time on the day of the deadline.
You must apply by Friday, October 13, 2023.