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Your donation will help young people who have been forced to leave their home country due to conflict or other reasons and who have once given up on their dreams for the future to get another chance to study and find employment.
By donating a certain amount of money, you can help them start up their lives after coming to Japan, support them from before they come to Japan to further education/employment, and regularly interact with international students.




■Bank transfer details
SBI Sumishin Net Bank
Branch name: Corporation No. 1 Branch (Branch No. 106)
Account No.: Ordinary Deposit 1677581
Account name: ZAI Pathways Japan

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For corporations

Pathways Japan would like to work towards achieving our mission with the support of various companies and organisations.

Please support the new future of refugee youth through our activities.

*Donations can be made via the above bank transfer address.
*Please contact us for more information on how you can support us.