Application Period:October 14~27, 2022
The link to the application is at the bottom of this page. Please read all of the information on this page before applying.

We hosted an online information session on October 18. You can view the recording from the button below.

Japan-Ukraine University Pathways is a program for admitting students impacted by the war in Ukraine to universities in Japan. As of September 2022, 13 universities have admitted about 50 students, and eight more will provide scholarships for students to be admitted in April 2023. Please review the information about each university, eligibility requirements and application guidelines before applying.

Program Overview

From October 14 to 27, 2022, eight universities in Japan will accept applications from students who have fled the war in Ukraine. Selected students will be offered the opportunity to continue their education and will receive following support:

  • Housing on or near campus
  • Tuition
  • Support for residence permit
  • Stipend or introduction to part-time jobs

Most participating universities will offer a short-term program (one year from April 2023 to March 2024) to which students will be admitted as non-degree students. These universities will continue to support the students after the short-term program if the students take the entrance exam to become degree-seeking students and pass. (Students must go through the regular admissions process, and participation in the short-term program does not guarantee acceptance to the long-term program.)
One university will only admit degree-seeking students, and some universities will allow students to apply as degree-seeking students in April 2023, so please read the information about each institution carefully.


  • Must currently reside in Japan.
  • Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a Ukrainian university OR a recent graduate of an undergraduate program at a Ukrainian university (Some universities do not accept students who have already graduated from university. Please check the chart below.)
  • Must be a Ukrainian national or foreign national who is unable to return to their home country
  • Must be able to take classes in Japanese or English (Universities have different language requirements. Please check the chart below.)
  • Must be single without dependents
  • Must be 26 years old or younger

How to Apply

① Check that you meet the eligibility requirements. (In addition to the general eligibility requirements above, some universities have other requirements. It is important that applicants view the chart below as well as the detailed explanation on each university’s webpage by clicking the “Learn more” button.)
② Read the explanation of each university and decide on your top three choices.
③ When the application form becomes available on October 14, click on “Apply Now” and create an account on Submittable.com.
④ Submit the online application form by October 27. (The deadline is 11:59 p.m. Japan time.)

Participating Universities

All universities offer full tuition. For information on other support such as accommodation and stipend, as well as eligibility requirements, please click on “Learn more.”

University Location
No. of Students
Grad students
Recent graduates
Language Req.
Bunkyo Gakuin University Tokyo 2 Women only LEARN MORE
Daito Bunka University Saitama 2 N3+ LEARN MORE
Ferris University Kanagawa 2 women only N4+*1 LEARN MORE
Kansai University Osaka 3 No *2 LEARN MORE
Kansai University of International Studies Hyogo 2 No *3 LEARN MORE
Ryukoku University Kyoto 2 N4+ LEARN MORE
Tokiwa University Ibaraki 1 No N3+ LEARN MORE
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Tokyo 2 No *4 women only*5 *5 LEARN MORE

*1 Ferris University requires Japanese proficiency equal to JLPT N4 for non-degree-seeking students, and N1 and EJU 250 for degree-seeking students.

*2 Kansai University requires that applicants have Japanese proficiency equal to N2 OR English proficiency equal to CEFR B1.

*3 The language requirements for Kansai University of International Studies are as follows:
Non-degree-seeking students: Based on the courses to be taken
Degree-seeking students: JLPT N2 level

*4 Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (TWCU) will accept applications from recent graduates, but only if they wish to start from the first year of undergraduate studies.

*5 TWCU will only admit degree-seeking students. To apply to the degree program, students must have taken the EJU in June 2022 or plan to take it in November 2022. In addition, depending on the major, students may be required to have taken an English proficiency test in or after January 2021. Please check the requirements for each major here.